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Life experiences personal and professional can be a constant challenge, which can affect us emotionally and mentally, personally and within our business. Whether you may be considering Business/Personal Coaching/Analyst, Business/Personal Counselling/Psychotherapy, Play/Creative Therapy or an integrative combination of all of these, Complete Freedom offers you the choice.


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Who am I?


I am many things, a mum, a daughter, a sister, a partner, a friend, a business woman, but most of all I am a person who has a desire to listen, to care for and to assist others in their life story. I do this by integrating all of my life experiences, personally and professionally, I offer relations that are honest, accepting and full of love. However that does not mean that I do not make mistakes, after all, I am human, but I am committed to my own personal growth and with this I find that I keep growing in self-awareness , in love (internally and externally) and through forgiveness I am able to move forward to be more honest, more accepting and more loving. I feel this process enables me to communicate with individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a person who likes to communicate more with thought than feelings or whether you are a person who communicates more with feelings than thought or whether you use both thought and feeling at the same time I am able to connect with you at what communication mode best suits you.




Business and Individual Analyst

Counselling and Life/Business Coaching

Talking therapies,

Play therapy,

Creative therapy,

Parent/Carer Mediation/Training



I work with Adults and Children from 5 years old.

I work with private clients and with organisations that offer or are considering offering counselling/life/business coaching to employees and students.

I am also a Business analyst that can offer great insight in integrating business development with individual development for faster productive growth that compliments the business and employees. 


Equal Opportunities

Services are offered regardless of race, creed, gender, age, sexual orientation or ability.


I work within the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy and will honor the principles of:

•           Fidelity

•           Autonomy

•           Beneficence

•           Non-maleficence

•           Justice

•           Self-respect


I work within the contract set out by Complete Freedom services.


As a registered member of the BACP I am bound by its ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Life Coaching and subject to the Professional Conduct Procedure.



The counsellor/life coach agrees to respect and preserve ‘the confidentiality of the counselling /coaching relationship, with the following exceptions;

  • Were the counsellor /life coach believes there is a serious risk of the client harming themselves or another person.

  • Where the counsellor /life coach is informed of an apparent illegal action which places the client or another person at risk.

  • In the unlikely event of any of these issues arising, every effort would be made to discuss them with the client in the first instance.



I am duty bound by BACP Professional Body’s Requirements to have regular supervision sessions. This helps me to remain effective as a Counsellor/Life Coach. All issues that I discuss with my supervisor are covered by the same rules of confidentiality as above. This means that if your case is discussed in supervision, you will not be identified to the supervisor. I will just refer to you as “a client I am working with”.



Bachelor of Science degree in counselling and therapeutic studies, HE Diploma in Relational Therapy, MBACP registered (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).


Organisational Experience


NHS (IAPT Team counselling adults)

P2BE (Counselling children in schools)

South Yorkshire Schools

Visiting Lecturer at Leeds Beckett Unversity