Training and Mediation for Parent's or Caregivers



Are you finding it difficult to communicate with your child/children?

Are you wanting to understand your child/children better but you feel frustrated that you don't understand their behaviour?

Do you think that everything you are doing is not enough?

Do you feel deflated, and lost in what to do next?


Complete Freedom offers you the opportunity to acknowledge the skills you possibly already have, skills that you might have possibly forgot you have or learn new skills to help you communicate better with your child/children.


We have all been children and we have all grown and developed into adults, into the world that is very cognitive and structured leaving behind the world where most of us as children communicated through play. Most of us now as adults communicate through words which can be very limiting (depending upon your vocabulary) to express what we really mean, so most of us use facial expressions and our bodies to portray the exact meaning. Children are in a process of learning this communication and with like anything we learn, we can feel frustrated at our individual understanding or other people's lack of acceptance of our progress.


Come and spend quality time (45 mins) with your child re-learning or learning skills how to communicate with your child in their own world, watch the difference it can make within your attachment with your child/children and feel those stresses and frustrations fade away.


Training and Mediation integrated with Life Coaching.


Training and Mediation offer skills and tools that have been researched and analysed from human development, this medium integrated with life coaching offers the ability to customise these skills, tools to the individual within a safe relational connection (the life coach) helping the client and extended family to change, heal, develop and move in a more balanced way, mentally and emotionally.


Life Coaching is a profession that is different but similar from consulting, mentoring, therapy, or counselling. The life coaching process addresses specific personal projects, business successes, general conditions and transitions in the client's personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make your life be what you want it to be. The main difference from Life Coaching to Counselling is that the focus is on your thoughts rather than feelings. The similarity is in order to be successful there needs to be a trusting relationship between us.


Life Coaching can help parents/carers to become aware of their thinking patterns so that they are easily able to identify thoughts that are possibly constructed through others (family, friends other relational contacts) and life experiences. This process can help parents/carers to re-learn for themselves what is best for them and their children. The process of Life Coaching is all about the parent/carer and what you wish to achieve in their relationship with their child. As a life coach, I will assist parents/carers on their journey in self-discovery, acknowledging and verbalising their strengths and challenge any thoughts that could possibly get in the way of them achieving a secure attachment with their child. I will not tell the parent/carers what to do and I will not impart my own agenda, I will accept and support the parent/carer to feel better about their role as a parent/carer but I do offer the parent/carer honesty (in a loving way) to assist them in moving forward. The focus is on positive change: stating this is where I am now, what do I want next?



How does it work?


Sessions  last 45 minutes and are conducted on a face to face basis in my therapy room. For schools/social services this would be in a safe and private room allocated within the organisation's grounds with room for play materials.


All session content is kept strictly confidential, the only time that I would need to break confidentiality is if

  • I believe there is a serious risk of the client harming themselves or another person.

  • Where I am informed of an apparent illegal action which places the client or another person at risk.

  • In the unlikely event of any of these issues arising, every effort would be made to discuss them with the client in the first instance.



First 30-minute session is free to give us both the chance to see if you and your child can work with me and vice versa. For schools/social services the initial set up if free.


All following sessions are £40.00 per session. 


Schools/social services are: £40.00 individual sessions

                                                 £100.00 for half a day (3 sessions)

                                                 £210.00 for a full day (5 sessions)


An analyst report can be devised at the end of the sessions, however, there will be a £40.00 charge per hour for this.



A discount will be applied if you choose to block book. Whilst significant change is possible in a short period of time, a minimum of twelve sessions is recommended to benefit fully from the coaching relationship.

NB: If you are self-employed or a business Life Coaching  and Counselling can be counted as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for taxation purposes.


I work within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy.



I am duty bound by BACP Professional Body’s Requirements to have regular supervision sessions. This helps me to remain effective as a Life Coach. All issues that I discuss with my supervisor are covered by the same rules of confidentiality as above. This means that if your case is discussed in supervision, you will not be identified to the supervisor. I will just refer to you as “a client I am working with”.