Having experienced various childhood abuse I understand the impact these experiences can have in childhood and adulthood. Whether that be emotionally or cognitively or both.


Having experienced grief in many ways, the death of close relations, separation, endings of relationships whether that be with humans or animals. I understand the pain and suffering of feeling alone and the battle cognitively to understand why?


Having experienced children who have been critically ill and endured lifesaving surgery I understand the feelings and thoughts of fear, feeling powerless and hopelessness.


Having left a promising career within a secure and established International organisation to follow my dream of understanding myself and building a business to help others, I have a good understanding of the fears and challenges faced by those making a significant career transition to follow their own dreams.


There are many other experiences I have experienced in life and through many of these experiences I have felt stuck unable to move cognitively and emotionally. Where i have been unable to accept and sometimes acknowledge all that I have experienced. I have personally experienced Counselling and Life Coaching and through feeling safe enough to look at myself and explore my emotions and thoughts within my relational contact with my therapist I have experienced personal understanding and forgiveness, which has given me freedom to move, I believe everyone can experience this and you or your child can too if you choose to.


I have studied for six years at Leeds Beckett University to gain academic knowledge to enhance my personal knowledge of life and to give me accreditation in order to create a profession and help others, help themselves. I have achieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Counselling and Therapeutic Studies and a Practitioners Certificate through an HE Diploma in Relational Therapy.  


My background has been in customer relations, business and volunteering for charitable organisations which have given me both knowledge and experience of the infrastructure of business and people’s expectations in customer service. For example, I have 10 years’ experience of being a sales representative, building business with small and large companies for an international company, 13 year's experience of developing a private building company with my partner. 


Furthermore, I have 15 years of volunteering experience within many organisations such as Doncaster and Rotherham Councils, where I have worked with vulnerable children within our care service. The NHS (IAPT Team) counselling adults, P2Be counselling children in school settings and counselling experience within charitable companies where I have undertaken many training requirements in and around therapeutic interventions. I continually commit to further training within many organisations on different subjects (please ask to see certificates).


All this experience connects directly with people in building trusting relationships between us in order to help them understand their life experiences, themselves and what their aspirations are and finding ways to achieve them. Whether this is through focusing more on thought and creating structures and goals to change or achieve (Life Coaching) or through focusing on both thought and feelings (Integrative Counselling/Psychotherapy) Complete Freedom offers you the choice.





  • Training

  • Personal  Development

  • Leadership

  • Counseling Psychology

  • Management

  • Outstanding interpersonal communication skills

  • Life Coaching

  • Time Management

  • Sales Presentations

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Therapeutic Listening

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Self-confidence

  • Career Counselling

  • Managing Stress

  • Building Self-esteem

  • Social Skills

  • Motivational Speaking

  • Planning

  • Meditation

  • Troubleshooting

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Collaborative Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • People-oriented

  • Employee Wellness

  • Buisness Coaching

  • Goals

  • Relationship Development

  • Helping Clients Succeed

  • Salesforce Training

  • Persistence

  • Solution Focused

  • Small Business Online Marketing

  • Team Mentoring

  • Building Repor and Strong Relationships

  • Organisational Skills

  • Empthic Skills

  • Self-awareness



Positive outcomes for Dissociative Survivors
19th March 2016
Hypnotherapy NLP Vision
Leeds Beckett University
Counselling and Therapeutic Studies- Diploma
Play Therapy
Attachment Theory and Self-awareness in the Counsellor
Children's Emotional Wellbeing
Helping Children Tell Their Stories
Making Endings with Children
Working with Difference and Diversity
Working with Metaphor



Leeds Beckett University


​Bachelor's degree-Counselling and Therapeutic Skills

Second Class Honors (1st Division)



Virtual College


Child Development


1, Children's and Young People's Development in Health and Social Care Settings.

2, The Common Assessment Framework / Lead Professional / Information Sharing V3.

3, An Introduction to the Autism Spectrum.

4, Sexual  Exploitation